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1) LAW AND AUTOMOBILES - Car Accidents and Insurance

law and automobilesDo you own a car? Need car insurance? Have you been in an accident? Wonder if you have a money-making injury claim? Being sued over a car collision? Watch the LawyerVision™ Auto Law video today. Avoid common mistakes in choosing auto-insurance, understand the legal process of auto-accident cases, and put yourself in the driver's seat with important knowledge of your legal rights! The LawyerVision™ Auto Law video is a must-watch for anybody who drives a car. Get it for yourself, for your family, for your friends. Don't cheat yourself or your family out of dollars by making the common mistakes most non-lawyers make. Follow the easy lessons from our expert lawyers, and you'll be surprised how fast you learn watching this half-hour video. Click HERE to purchase.

2) LAWSUITS Have you been wronged?

lawsuitsFeel like you might want to sue somebody? In this easy to follow video, we take you through the ins and outs of a lawsuit, covering the essential information you need to know about lawsuits from start to finish. This video can save you years of worry and hassle, and also maximize your ability to succeed in that multi-million dollar winning lawsuit you have been thinking about. Knowledge is power! Time is money! Watch the LawyerVision™ Lawsuits video to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls and learn what to talk to a lawyer about (and how to talk about it) when you decide you want to sue somebody. Click HERE to purchase.


crimes and the lawAre you in trouble with the law? Do you know somebody who is? Ever drive after drinking? Unsure how to deal with police officers? Wonder whether a private attorney would be better than the public defender? This easy-to-watch video will give you the powerful facts you and your family should know to maximize your success in avoiding criminal prosecution or reducing the risk of a conviction. Understand your legal rights by watching the LawyerVision™ Criminal Law video. Learn to keep cool and collected in the face of police encounters. Buy this video for yourself, your children, your husband, friends, and even your parents. Our skilled attorneys will walk you through the process from start to finish, from being arrested (or legally avoiding arrest) to getting and staying out of jail. Be ready when the unforseen unlucky incident occurs. Know how to talk to the police and a criminal lawyer. Order this valuable video today! Click HERE to purchase.


landlords and neighborsAre you being hassled by a neighbor? By your landlord? Does your apartment lack basic services (like heat, water, plumbing)? Having a dispute with a neighbor about earth movement, a fence, or noise? Learn the best and most profitable ways for handling landlord and neighbor situations that seasoned lawyers see time and time again. Save the high hourly fees you would pay to talk to a lawyer! Know whether you can handle the problem yourself, or whether a lawyer is even necessary. Watch the LawyerVision™ Landlord/Neighbor Law video to learn the power of your rights in problematic situations that lawyers see played out again and again in our courts. This video is the easy way to empower yourself or a loved one about basic, practical, and money-saving (money-making) information. This is a must-watch for anybody that lives with next-door neighbors or in an apartment complex. A few tips may mean the difference between getting or losing tens or thousands of dollars or getting evicted (or even arrested). Click HERE to purchase.